AI/ML, Data & Cloud Solutions

Deliver better business insights from your data.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Driven Solutions

AI/ML driven solutions, data analytics, predictive modeling, NLP/text mining, stream processing, visualization and intelligent automation capabilities across multiple industries.

Fields of Expertise

AI & Machine Learning

We design, estimate, test and deploy innovative models, tools and frameworks, using advanced AI and machine learning techniques.

Analytics & DevOps

We help your teams with data analytics, and in the deployment of dedicated and secured APIs, real-time dashboards and web platforms.

Data Storage

We build reliable and efficient data architectures using traditional DBMS, time series databases, data warehouses or data lakes.

Cloud or On-Premise

Infrastructures can be deployed on most cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google, OVH, Scaleway,…) or on-premise.


Securing access to the data and models is always very important for our customers, no matter the project.


We keep up to date with the literature, AI trending topics, deep learning frameworks, advanced text mining techniques and quantum computing.

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