AI for People, Science and Society

Our Mission

Gwenlake began as a research project in AI for Life Science, aiming to make it easier for organizations to create and use AI models.

Now, the company provides solutions using AI and machine learning, including data analytics, predictive modeling, stream processing, visualization, and more. Gwenlake helps organizations compete better by implementing innovative AI, machine learning, and data analytics with secure, controlled, and scalable strategies.

We are a small team that combines passion, commitment and creativity with high scientific standards.

Our conviction is that great work cannot happen without
passion, imagination, creativity and personal commitment.


Our commitment to collaborative research and cross-disciplinary exchange is reflected in our active participation in various academic and professional networks.

Many of our researchers and analysts are actively involved in academic pursuits, ensuring a comprehensive and scientifically grounded approach to the issues we address. This involvement not only keeps us abreast of the latest scientific developments but also fosters knowledge-sharing and collaboration with students, providing valuable perspectives and challenges.

Over the past years, Gwenlake has been supporting the Forecasting Financial Markets (FFM) conference. The 2024 edition of the International Forecasting Financial Markets conference, set to take place at the Worcester College in the heart of Oxford, UK.

Explore more about the conference on their site:

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