Build next-generation applications using our artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced automated data-driven systems.

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Data Analytics

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Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing

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AI/ML Model Deployment

AI is changing all industries
AI technology is changing all industries including life science, healthcare, marketing, banking and finance, automobile, telecommunication, manufacturing, defense and military, entertainment and media, education, etc.​
Gwenlake is the help you need!
We can help on data analytics, ML/AI, predictive modeling, big data, clound migration, NLP, stream processing, visualization, automation and more!
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data analytics, predictive modeling, NLP, stream processing, visualization, automation and more!

Project Flow -

Typical AI Project Life Cycle

Our platform will help you to deploy AI models more rapidly.



Project understanding and planning, what resources to employ to accomplish the project.


Data Collection

Data collection, preparation, cleaning, augmentation, preparation, annotation, wrangling, etc.


Model Training

Experiment, train, evaluate and tune different types of machine learning and AI models on collected data.



Model deployment, web portal, API and maintenance in the production environment.

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