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Donnez du sens à vos données.

Generative AI

LLMs and document stores.

Cloud & Storage

Databases, ETLs and automation.


Data analyses, labelling, clustering.


Time series, text and images.


APIs, web apps and dashboards.

Commencez à utiliser nos modèles avec un simple appel API.

Un ensemble de modèles d'IA
et de machine learning prêts à l'emploi

					# Example using Gwenlake API for documents embedding

import gwenlake

documents = [
    "Do Not Watch This Movie!",
    "This movie is SOOOO funny!!! The acting is WONDERFUL.",
    "Everything about this movie is horrible, from the acting to the editing.",

api_key = "sk-XXX" # get in touch to get your API Key

client = gwenlake.api.Client(api_key)
embeddings = client.embed_documents(documents)



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Text, images, numerical data and sounds can be comprehended in a faster and more efficient manner.


Assist your teams on branding, content strategy, customer experience and lead generation.

Détection d'Anomalies

Anomaly detection and predictive maintenance is the next big thing for digital business.

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